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Being a Technical Business Executive isn't everyone's cup of tea.




You have to do the deep work, go to the depth of the subject, and almost every day, there's something new to learn.


And some people just work in a field which they can never master.


This Job opening isn't for them.


If you are the one who loves doing deep-work. Loves the satisfaction generated from doing a CORE-MECHANICAL-DOMAIN-TECHNICAL-WORK. Then, this might be it.


This is what the profile requirement looks like :


  • He should love going in depth on technical aspects of the activity.

  • He should love helping the customer solve their machining challenges (Reduce Cycle time of the components, Improve tool life, Achieve Better Surface Finish, Reduce their manufacturing cost... etc.. etc... )

  • He should love travelling. 

  • He should hold a Degree with B.E / M Tech in Mechanical stream.


What exactly is this role all about?

We are looking for a great chap who fulfils the above requirement and likes to Promote the world-famous brand - KENNAMETAL which is one of the best brands in the world known for Cutting Tools (also called as metalworking tools).

For Widia
Multi Coolant Flow (2)
Large Cutting Tool
Tool Regrinding

The Below two videos will give you a glimpse of technical depth involved in making a trial.



1st One gives you a generic overview of What Kennametal company is all about (Ignore the Granite part in the Video)



And the 2nd One shows you one advanced Milling Application. 

If you love the CORE-MECHANICAL-TECHNICAL-STUFF, then you'll love this job.

And If you think you have what it takes to be a 

Technical Business Executive, we would love to have you. 

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